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Most Older, Vaccinated Americans Say They'll Get Updated Booster in Fall: Poll

Most older U.S. adults are prepared to roll up their sleeves to get an updated COVID-19 booster shot once one becomes available, a new poll shows.

About 3 in 5 (61%) people over 50 who have gotten at least one dose of COVID vaccine say they would get an updated booster that offers protection against the new

  • By Dennis Thompson HealthDay Reporter
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  • August 10, 2022
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  • FDA Stretches Monkeypox Vaccine Supply by Authorizing Smaller Doses

    WEDNESDAY, Aug. 10, 2022 (HealthDay) -- As at-risk Americans stand in long lines across the country, trying to get the Jynneos monkeypox vaccine, U.S. officials on Tuesday announced they will modify dosing instructions for the shot to help stretch the supply.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said that ins...

    Biden Tests Negative for COVID Again, Leaves Isolation

    After experiencing a case of COVID rebound late last month, President Joe Biden tested negative Saturday and Sunday and left the White House for his home state of Delaware.

    "He will safety return to public engagement and presidential travel," Biden's doctor, Kevin O'Connor wrote in a letter ...

    When Treating Cervical Lesions, Adding HPV Vaccine Could Further Curb Cancer Risk

    FRIDAY, Aug. 5, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Most sexually active people will contract the human papillomavirus (HPV) during their lifetimes, and about 90% will clear it from their bodies. But some women are susceptible to the cervical lesions that infection brings, raising their risk for cervical cancer.

    Australia's Current Flu Season Is Tough: Will America's Be the Same?

    As the worst flu season in five years winds down in Australia, U.S. health officials are bracing for similar severity this coming fall.

    Why? The flu season in Southern Hemisphere countries like Australia can often predict the potential for a similar experience in Northern Hemisphere countries.

    "We watch all of the South...

    Monoclonal Antibody Might Help Prevent Malaria

    THURSDAY, Aug. 4, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Researchers are reporting early but encouraging findings on a potential new way to prevent malaria — an old foe that still ranks as a major killer worldwide.

    In a small trial of healthy volunteers, U.S. government researchers found that a l...

    COVID Rebound Not Limited to Those Who Took Paxlovid

    COVID rebound, which struck both President Joe Biden and White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci recently, doesn't just happen in those who take Paxlovid, a new study finds.

    Rebound symptoms were spotted in 27% of COVID-19 patients who hadn’t taken the antiviral pill...

    In COVID 'Rebound,' Biden Tests Positive for 2nd Day in a Row

    President Joe Biden is back in isolation and has tested positive for COVID-19 for the second day in a row, as he experiences what is known as rebound after taking Paxlovid to treat his original infection.

    Biden, who had left isolation three days prior after testing negative, returned to the...

    Reformulated Booster Shots Ready by September, White House Says

    FRIDAY, July 29, 2022 (HealthDay News) – Americans could be getting updated COVID booster shots that can battle the newest Omicron variants as soon as mid-September.

    People close to deliberations say that the B...

    US to Send Out 800,000 Doses of Monkeypox Vaccine

    THURSDAY, July 28, 2022 (HealthDay News) – Amid public concerns about a slow government response to monkeypox, U.S. health regulators on Wednesday signed off on the distribution of another 800,000 doses of vaccine to stem the outbreak.

    The additional shots of the

  • By Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter
  • |
  • July 28, 2022
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  • Texas Court Case Could Threaten Americans' Health Care Nationwide

    A federal lawsuit out of Texas could end access to free lifesaving preventive health care services for nearly 168 million people in the United States with private insurance, a new report suggests.

    Kelley v. Becerra seeks to overturn the

  • By Robin Foster and Dennis Thompson HealthDay Reporters
  • |
  • July 27, 2022
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  • Biden Tests Negative for COVID, Ends Isolation Period

    After contracting COVID-19 last week, President Joe Biden has tested negative for the virus and ended his isolation period.

    In a tweet posted Wednesday morning, President Joe Biden shared a photo of his negative test and added, "Back to the Oval."

    “Thanks to Doc for the...

    'On Edge': Anxious Americans Line Up for Scarce Monkeypox Vaccines

    With 19,000 cases now reported in 75 countries, the World Health Organization declared the monkeypox outbreak a global “public health emergency,” its highest level...

    Less Than Half of Parents Plan to Get COVID Vaccine for Youngest Kids

    Parents have had to wait a long time to have access to a COVID-19 vaccine for their kids under the age of 5, but a new survey shows many still won’t get a shot for their children.

    About 43% of U.S. parents of children aged 6 months to 4 years said they would not g...

    Biden Administration May Declare Monkeypox a Public Health Emergency

    As monkeypox continues to spread, with nearly 3,500 cases now reported in the United States, the Biden administration is weighing whether to declare the outbreak a public health emergency.

    The administration may also name a White House coordinator to supervise the response, all in an effort to ...

    Is the War Against COVID Variants Won in the Nose?

    MONDAY, July 25, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- The best booster for COVID vaccinations might not be yet another shot, but a nasal spray, an early study hints.

    Since early on in the pandemic, some researchers have speculated that the most effective way to fight COVID is through vaccines that not only spur an immune response in the blood, but also in the mucus membranes of the...

    COVID Reinfections Are Now Common. Will Getting a Booster Even Help?

    Everyone in the United States knows someone -- often multiple someones -- who have been reinfected with COVID-19.

    Despite vaccines, boosters and natural immunity, the highly infectious Omicron variant appears capable of getting around whatever protection you might have gained against SARS-CoV-2.

    Even P...

    WHO Declares Monkeypox a Global Health Emergency

    Monkeypox, which has now spread to 75 countries and sickened at least 16,000 people, has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO).

    The declaration came after WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus overruled a panel of advisors that could not come...

    First U.S. Polio Case in Nearly a Decade Reported in New York

    New York health officials said Thursday that the first U.S. case of polio in nearly a decade has been confirmed in a young unvaccinated adult in Rockland County.

    "Based on what we know about this case, and polio in general, the [New York] Department of Health strongly recommends that unvaccinated individuals g...

    Biden Tests Positive for COVID

    President Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID-19, the White House announced Thursday.

    "This morning, President Biden tested positive for COVID-19. He is fully vaccinated and twice boosted and experiencing very mild symptoms," White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a

  • By Robin Foster HealthDay Reporter
  • |
  • July 21, 2022
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  • CDC Backs COVID Vaccine From Novavax

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday gave its blessing for the emergency use of Novavax's COVID-19 vaccine, the fourth coronavirus shot to be approved in the United States.

    CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky signed off on the recommendation from the agency vaccine advisory panel that unanimously endorsed the vaccine on Tuesday afternoon.

    "Today, we have ex...

    • By Ernie Mundell and Robin Foster HealthDay Reporters
    • |
    • July 20, 2022
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    Changes in Menstrual Cycle Can Come After COVID Shot

    Many have experienced side effects after getting a COVID vaccine -- tiredness, fever, headache and soreness are the most common. But a new study confirms that people who have periods may experience lesser known issues -- heavier periods or breakthrough bleeding.

    Researchers found certain people were more likely to experience one or the other after getting a shot: Those who identified as n...

    As Monkeypox Cases Spike, U.S. Orders More Vaccine, Boosts Testing

    With monkeypox cases continuing to climb in the United States, federal health officials said Friday they have ordered another 2.5 million doses of monkeypox vaccine and boosted national testing capacity to respond to the outbreak.

    The news comes not a moment too soon, as demand for the vaccine outstrips supply and clinics in some American cities run out of supplies almost as soon as they ...

    25 Million Kids Missed Routine Vaccinations Worldwide in 2021

    Roughly 25 million children around the world missed critical vaccinations during 2021, as the pandemic continued to disrupt routine medical care, a new report from the World Health Organization and UNICEF shows.

    "This is a red alert for child health. We are witnessing the largest sustained drop in childhood immu...

    Demand for Monkeypox Vaccine Overwhelms U.S. Cities

    As monkeypox cases continue to climb worldwide, demands for vaccines to combat the virus are crashing the vaccine appointment system in New York City.

    The city of over 8 million people has been running out of supplies almost as soon as they arrive, the Associated Press reported.

    City health officials acknowledged the frustration over the limited vaccine supply and said the...

    FDA Approves Emergency Use of Novavax COVID Vaccine

    Unvaccinated Americans should soon have a fourth COVID vaccine option.

    On Wednesday, Novavax's offering was the latest to receive emergency use approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Advisors to the U....

    • By Cara Murez and Robin Foster HealthDay Reporters
    • |
    • July 14, 2022
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    COVID Boosters Can Help People With Lupus

    People with lupus benefit from a COVID-19 booster shot after full vaccination, with a new study showing they are half as likely to experience a COVID infection afterward.

    "Our study results offer people living with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) clinical confirmation that vaccines are highly effect...

    Biden Administration May Back Second Booster Shots for All Adults

    The White House is weighing whether to offer a second COVID booster shot to American adults under 50.

    The new push comes in response to the latest, highly contagious Omicron variants, which have increased hospitalization rates and...

    • By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling HealthDay Reporter
    • |
    • July 12, 2022
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    For Blood Cancer Patients, COVID Boosters Can Bring Some Immunity

    In a promising development, new research has discovered that most adults with blood cancers develop at least some immunity to COVID-19 after getting booster shots.

    "Our findings build on the wealth of literature showing that patients with

  • By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling HealthDay Reporter
  • |
  • July 11, 2022
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  • WHO Says Global Monkeypox Cases Have Jumped 77% in One Week

    More than 6,000 monkeypox cases in 59 countries have surfaced since the outbreak began in May, the World Health Organization confirmed Thursday.

    The United Nation's health agency reported a 77% rise in cases on Thursday, wit...

    Vaccinations Cut U.S. COVID Deaths by 58%: Study

    The U.S. COVID-19 vaccination program slashed the coronavirus' expected death rate by as much as 58%, saving hundreds of thousands of lives during the first two waves of the pandemic, a new study says.

    Computer models estimate that vaccines prevented 235,000 COVID deaths in the United States between December 2020 and September 2021, blunting the death toll from both the original virus and...

    Age Big Factor in COVID Vaccine Views

    Your age may play a huge role in whether you'll decide to get a COVID vaccine, new research finds.

    Though vaccine hesitancy due to personal politics has drawn a lot of media attention, a University of Georgia study reveals it's not the only consideration.

    The link between vaccines a...

    COVID Vaccine Saves Lives Regardless of Body Weight

    COVID vaccination is highly protective against severe disease in people of all body weights, new British research finds.

    The study of over 9 million adults found that those who'd received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine were strongly protected against hospitalization or death from the disease. And the effectiveness was just as great for obese people as those with a healthy weight.


    NYC First to Offer Paxlovid at COVID Testing Sites

    New York City's Mayor Eric Adams announced Thursday that the city has launched the first-of-their-kind mobile COVID-19 testing units that will also dispense the antiviral drug Paxlovid to those who test positive for the v...

    Politics Big Factor in Folks' Decision to Get Boosters

    Who you voted for at the ballot box may have the most influence over whether you've gotten a COVID-19 booster shot.

    Researchers studying vaccine hesitancy two years into the pandemic

    FDA Tells Vaccine Makers to Update Boosters to Target Omicron Subvariants

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday that it has asked vaccine makers to update their COVID-19 booster shots to target the Omicron subvariants known as BA.4 and BA.5.

    The two highly contagious subvariants now account for more than half of all new COVID cases in the United States...

    Fauci Has 'Rebound' COVID After Paxlovid, But Says Drug Kept Him Out of the Hospital

    After being infected with COVID-19 earlier this month, Dr. Anthony Fauci experienced a rebound after taking the antiviral pill Paxlovid, but he maintained on Wednesday that the drug kept him out of the hospital.

    "Paxlovid did...

    U.S. Orders 105 Million More Pfizer Shots for Fall Booster Campaign

    Anticipating a surge in booster shots this fall, the U.S. government said Wednesday that it is buying an added 105 million more doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine.

    The $3.2 billion deal comes at a time when the government is trying to figure out the best way to update COVID vaccines to deal ...

    What's the Best Timing for COVID Shots in Pregnancy?

    Getting a COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy can help protect both mother and baby.

    But does it matter which vaccine or at what stage of pregnancy a woman receives her shots? New research suggests it does, and that getting immunized earlier in pregnancy may be better.

    In t...

    Could Getting Your Flu Shot Help Prevent Alzheimer's?

    A yearly flu shot may do more than protect you from a nasty bout of influenza: New research suggests it may help guard against Alzheimer's disease as well.

    People who were vaccinated at least once over four years were 40% less likely to develop

    FDA Panel Supports Rollout of Tweaked Booster Shots From Moderna, Pfizer This Fall

    A U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory panel recommended on Tuesday that updated COVID-19 booster shots be used this fall to protect against Omicron and its highly contagious subvariants.

    Because the virus mutates so quickly, the FDA may approve the new vaccine formulations, since COVID-19 cases are expected to surge again this winter. Tuesday's advisory panel approval speeds the pr...

    FDA Panel to Weigh Improved Booster Shots From Moderna, Pfizer

    A U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory panel will vote on Tuesday whether to recommend that updated COVID-19 booster shots be used this fall to protect against Omicron and its highl...

    Pfizer Has Two Updated Booster Shots to Help Fight Omicron

    Pfizer Inc. announced Saturday that it has two possible candidates that beat back Omicron infection more effectively than its original vaccine.

    The news follows Moderna's

  • By Cara Murez and Robin Foster HealthDay Reporters
  • |
  • June 27, 2022
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  • Babies, Toddlers & the COVID Shot: An Expert Answers Your Questions

    After a very long wait, babies, toddlers and preschoolers can now get COVID-19 shots.

    Many parents may feel relief, but some may also have questions. Dr. Jessica Ericson, a pediatric infectious disease physician at Penn State Health Children's Hospital in Hershey, Pa., offers some answers to help parents weigh the benefits of

  • By Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter
  • |
  • June 27, 2022
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  • COVID Boosters Raise Antibody Levels by 85% in Nursing Home Residents

    Getting a COVID-19 booster shot can significantly increase an at-risk person's immunity and protect against the contagious Omicron variant.

    New research focusing on nursing home residents and their caregivers found a third dose of vaccine boosted antibodies by more than 85%...

    NYC Opens First Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic in U.S.

    On Thursday, New York City became the first U.S. city to start offering the monkeypox vaccine to those at high risk for the disease.

    The announcement follows similar ones issued from the United Kingdom and Canada. Although most cases of the disease have been reported among gay and...

    CDC Panel Backs Moderna Vaccine for Those Aged 6-17

    An expert panel from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted unanimously on Thursday to recommend that the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine be approved for kids between the ages of 6 and 17.

    The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) endorsed the shots after hearing the latest evidence on the vaccine's effectiveness, along with safety data on a rare heart condition ...

    COVID Vaccines Saved 20 Million Lives Worldwide in First Year

    Nearly two-thirds of the world's population has had at least one COVID-19 vaccine, which has prevented nearly 20 million deaths, new research finds.

    The study from Imperial College London was the first to quantify

  • By Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter
  • |
  • June 24, 2022
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  • Pediatricians' Group Urges Parents to Get Youngest Kids Vaccinated Against COVID

    Now that a COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for kids under age 5, a leading medical group urges parents to discuss it with their health care provider.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that parents ask their children's doctor or other clinician any questions they may have and learn how they can get the shots. One-on-one conversations with doctors who know their kids are ...

    CDC Panel Urges Seniors to Get New, More Potent Flu Shot This Fall

    A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine advisory panel on Wednesday voted to recommend that Americans 65 and older get the new, more potent flu shots because the regular shot doesn't offer enough protection.

    The more powerful vaccines might also ...

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